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French Country kitchen styles are everywhere, from celebrity houses to home improvement television shows, they are now the ‘it’ kitchen style. No wonder they are popular, the relaxed mix, and the outdated ending and brighter tones appeal to anyone who likes to spend time in their kitchen. This style is reminiscent of a simpler rural life, where craftsmen and workers enjoy their homes and open wood working is a common place. Want to get this look in your home? Here’s how to create a French Country kitchen style in your home.

CABINETRY: Surfaces that are used with muted color themes are typical of French Country kitchens. Little decoration and crown molding often decorate the upper cabinets. Pine knit and walnut cabinets are rich in texture but light in appearance. Darker woods and painted cabinets can be combined with lighter cabinets to give a modern country style.

ISLAND / COUNTERTOPS: Family, great food, and celebrating life’s historical achievements are how families and neighbors gather in the kitchen. French Country Kitchen combines that feeling in the architecture and design of the kitchen. Granite, marble and wooden islands with additional seating bring guests and hosts together, this is a true tradition of French Country style. Countertops decorated with farmhouse sinks, and filler pot faucets adjacent to the stove, are a bonus touch that makes French Country kitchen desirable.

Remember the old style of metal candelabras made of wrought iron? Iron, copper oil and metal brushed with beautiful old patina when combined with copper hanging pots on a table or sink. The iron scroll candelabras are popular in the catalog of high-end furniture stores nowadays. To make centerpieces for dining room tables – use antique wine bottles in various sizes and colors, plus fresh flowers to mimic the way the French Country entertains and unites people.

HARD / HEART DEVICES: Who doesn’t like to gather around a campfire, or bake a pizza in an authentic brick oven? Common in luxury French Country kitchens is a fireplace that can be used for atmosphere, or for cooking. Many kitchens copy this style by adding fume hoods and decorative brick / stone arches throughout the kitchen to give a feeling of a fireplace around the room. Mosaic tiles, and backsplash behind the stove sometimes take the same warm gesture – with a hand-painted fireplace on the tile. Remember, the French, like other decoration styles, is about arousing the familiar feelings of traditional life that is simpler and has all the facilities it offers.

do you remember the Cottage Style decoration that was shown last week? The French state has similar qualities that make both styles so inviting. Do you have one of these decoration styles in your home? What is your favorite way to bring a relaxed feeling to your home?

20 Ways to Make a French Country Kitchen

If you like a style that is warm, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time, you might be a fan of French country design. French country kitchens are no different – in what has historically been a worker’s horse at home, kitchens designed in a French rural style evoke feelings of intimacy and friendship with traditional and simple life.

Bonus: Design, take refuge in history and remind of the past, do not sacrifice the functionality of modern facilities. Here are 20 components of the French kitchen:

Soft, pale colors are usually used in French country kitchens, mainly because this is a color taken from the provincial landscape. Think warm, soft, muted colors in an earthy tone. {Found in suemurphydesigns}.

French country kitchen color palettes tend to be soft and soft. Because cabinets tend to take up the most visual space in the kitchen, using warm surfaces and muted tones in cabinets is a must to feel the authentic French feel.

Crown castings that frame the top of kitchen cabinets are often a component of French kitchens, adding beautiful traditional elements. {Found at canterburydesign}.

The rusty cupboard, especially under the sink, is a traditional country decoration or farm-style farm detail, and it can be found in French country kitchens as well. {Found on faraboverubies}.

It makes sense that a style of decoration that takes its cues from falsely stretched nature will incorporate natural materials into its design. Stone, brick and wood surfaces abound in French kitchens.

Evoking moments when extended families and guests gather, the French state kitchen will (whenever space allows) to enter the large kitchen island. This not only helps in food preparation activities, but also provides space to bring many people together, guests and hosts.

Furniture-type details on kitchen cabinets and / or islands increase the warmth and comfort of the kitchen itself. Warmth and comfort. This is the essence of what a French country kitchen wants. {Found on re-reconstruction}.

An island is indeed an important component for the French state kitchen. One way to emphasize features is to make it a different color from other parts of the kitchen. Keep using a warm and muted palette, just add contrast for visual interest.

Although French country kitchens have a bit of a contemporary tendency, as far as decor goes, there are still some subtle ways to introduce a more modern feel. For example, using darker wood or painted surfaces on, say, this island combines with a lighter surface than the rest of the kitchen in a more modern aesthetic.

French country kitchens often, though not always, incorporate farmhouse (or apron) styles into their designs. Even in the midst of other elegant touches, the shape of this simple sink looks very comfortable.

A sumptuous but sensible detail with the focus of a large meeting of French country kitchens is a wall filler faucet mounted on the stove. This is a traditional feature that has disappeared in standard kitchens, but it is quite useful for a family chef!

Traditionally, hanging overhead cookware is a purely functional decision. At present, the copper pot strategy on display in the French state kitchen has received a lot of applause for its beautiful shape and function. {Found on montanaaveintorsors}.

Outdoor lighting – or lantern – style is used smoothly in French country kitchens, mainly due to a rough, organic, but hardworking aesthetic.

French country kitchens play on family history gathered around a fireplace by designing stoves and / or other cooking spaces that remind us of fireplaces. This is done in various ways, including the use of bricks or stones around the stove, arched gates, or decorative hoods, for example.

Unique, decorative (and functional!) Cotton abounds in the decor and design of French country kitchens. And even if they don’t … you will never go wrong with pretty copper numbers like this.

For a warm, country feel, use a beadboard panel (or tongue and groove) on a vertical surface. Ideas for beadboard placement include cupboard doors, kitchen island walls, or even backsplash. {Found at deborahgordondesigns}.

They don’t need to steal the show, but the iron detail (think of cast iron or wrought iron touches) in a French country kitchen is a must. The iron seems to be used for a lot of lighting here (lanterns and lamps flank the kitchen sink), and that’s the whole look.

Exposed ceiling beams are not always possible to put into the kitchen which is decorated in a French countryside style. They are not needed for a warm and stylish appearance, too, but the exposed wooden ceiling beams are certainly the icing on the French country cake!

Warmth and friendliness is one of the main components of French country kitchens, even though it’s more difficult to calculate. Combining a variety of textures and textiles while keeping the color palette warm and bright is a good rule of thumb.

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