6 Tricks to Repaint the Kitchen Cabinet,which you can try right now | DIY

Tired of seeing the look of a monotonous kitchen? Maybe it’s time for you to plan changes in a room that is identical to dirty conditions and often cause unpleasant odors.

But talking about change, some people usually jump to conclusions with the meaning of ‘renovation’ which generally costs a lot. In fact, change can be realized only with a little creativity.

One change in the kitchen that does not require a large fee is to repaint the cabinet.

To repaint the entire cabinet, you will need at least 2kg of paint depending on the size of the cabinet itself.

As your guide in repainting the kitchen cabinet, following me translate reviews from Decoist about step by step right.

  1. Choose a color

Before deciding to paint, of course you will be faced with the choice of paint colors that can make the kitchen more attractive visualization.

Some colors that are worth trying include tomato red, pine green, and green mint.

repaint kitchen cabinet 1 repaint the kitchen cabinet 2

Red is able to look charming when juxtaposed with polished walls with gray. While pine green is a versatile color that can be combined with other colors.

For those who like pastel colors, mint green works best for your kitchen cabinet. The characteristics are fresh and soft, can blend into a variety of kitchen styles both retro and modern.

For reference, combine this color with light purple, and voila! your kitchen will change to 80s style.

repaint the kitchen cabinet 3

2. Remove the cabinet door

Don’t think that the job of repainting a cabinet is easy. The biggest mistake most people make is to paint it without removing the door and other parts first. They think, painting the smallest angle with a mini brush is a simple way.

Think again, how long did it take to paint all the corners of the hinges and other smallest parts in the cabinet. The answer, it is definitely long enough!

Remove the cabinet door to repainting a cabinet

To be more effective, removing the entire door or partition in the drawer is the right step. So, you can paint these difficult parts more freely on the floor, which is already covered with old newspapers.

Do not forget to label each part of the door or drawer, to make it easier for you when you want to put it back.

repaint the kitchen cabinet 6

3. Clean up!

After removing the entire cabinet, the next step is to clean it from dust and dirt. Use stain cleaning fluid and soft cloth or sponge to remove stubborn dirt.

4. Smooth the surface

The following steps should be applied if the condition of your cabinet is problematic, such as a hole or a deep enough scratch. Use wood putty to smooth the surface.

repaint the kitchen cabinet 5

5. Sanded

Do not rush to immediately polish the kitchen cabinet with a new color. Because, this one job should not be forgotten.

To make the process of painting easier and the final result perfect, you have to smooth the entire surface of the cabinet that you want to polish with sandpaper.

A little suggestion, use sandpaper that is equipped with a layer of 100 grit. This is because the material, which is made of abrasive particles, is constantly able to smooth the surface of the wood to the maximum.

6. Finally, paint

You arrive at the final process which is to paint the cabinet. It should be noted, if your kitchen cabinet was previously painted with wood paint, then repainting must use the same type of paint. That also applies to cabinet painted with polish.

repaint the kitchen cabinet 8

The first step in painting is to select a brush with good recommendations, and apply it to all cabinet surfaces in the direction of the wood grain. Do not paint in the opposite direction because it will produce a bad effect.

After painting, wait and let it dry for several hours. Then repaint again to get even and perfect results.

Good luck!

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